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Bespoke Professional Services

Our Services

Brunner Accounting Group provides a wide-range of professional services tailored to individual and businesses’ specific accounting and tax needs. We take a personalized approach to each client’s situation and bring a strong technical background to help achieve their desired goals.   


tax preparation

At Brunner Accounting Group, one of our greatest strengths is that we understand the complexities of taxation. Our knowledge of tax law enables us to address not only the day-to-day, but also complex tax issues in an efficient manner. Our goal is to keep our clients in compliance with the tax law while minimizing your tax burden.


In business, it is important to have books and records that can be relied upon to provide financial insight into your company. By taking on the bookkeeping responsibility, we allow our clients to focus on their strengths which is running their business. Our understanding of accounting principles enables us to prepare accurate and insightful financials which allow you to successfully operate and grow your businesses.

financial & retirement planning

We guide you through tough decision-making processes in order to help you reach your financial and retirement goals. We are able to assist you  in taking the proper steps by informing you about the tax implications of your investments and helping you understand the various retirement vehicles available to you.

tax planning

Our experience and understanding of the ever-changing tax law allows us to strategize and tailor a custom plan to achieve your personal financial and/or business goals. An in-depth analysis allows a taxpayer to obtain the best long-term results. 

quickbooks help & Assistance

As a certified Intuit Proadvisor, we have been using and installing QuickBooks for years and have experience in setting up the software (both the desktop and online versions) properly for many types of businesses. 

Brunner Accounting Group offers the following solutions to help meet your QuickBooks needs: personal training, installation, set-up, support, and review.

IRS audit representation

IRS and state agency audits can be complex and overwhelming . Brunner Accounting Group has years of experience handling the entire audit process. We’re able to guide you through the procedures and provide you with the representation needed to achieve the best possible outcome.


Gaining a strong understanding of business cash flow and performing a financial analysis allows a business to undertake new opportunities, plan for the future, manage a business more effectively , and improve the bottom line. 

business entity selection

Selecting the right entity type (such as an LLC, Corp, S-Corp, Sole Proprietorship, etc.) for operating your business is crucial to protect your business from liability as well as maximizing the profit you can take home. By consulting with Brunner Accounting Group, we can walk you through the tax and financial implications of the various entity options and help you select the best fit for you and your business.

business management

If you’re in need of an accounting department to pay bills, make deposits, assist with insurance coverage, and prepare monthly financial reports, we can help. Managing internal staff is expensive and time consuming. Brunner Accounting Group will manage your business and personal accounts which will relieve the stress of the daily financial management of your business.

payroll services

We help guide businesses through the development and implementation of a payroll system which will reduce the administrative time spent on processing, paying and reporting payroll information.


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